Should you avoid caffeine later in the day?

Should you avoid caffeine later in the day?

Caffeine, or any other popular stimulants commonly found in energy drinks and pre-workout formulas, can absolutely disrupt sleep at night. They can increase anxiety and cyclical thoughts while trying to fall asleep, and disrupt the deepest, most recuperative sleep phases. Ideally, one should avoid caffeine (or other stimulants) after about 1pm if we’re looking for optimal sleep. 

However, as a behavior coach, I understand asking someone to give up a habit can be tricky. Many people’s schedules only allow them to exercise in the late afternoon or evening, they’re already a bit tired or checked-out from the day, so they need a boost to get to the gym. 

One of the ingredients in Slumbera, Ecklonia Cava, contains specific phlorotannins that have been shown to negate the central nervous system effect of stimulants. This ingredient helps with several other aspects of sleep as well, but this particular benefit should be extremely beneficial for those that are reliant on caffeine or other stimulants later in the day. 

Picture of Ecklonia Cava

So in summary, avoid caffeine after 1pm if possible, but if you aren’t able to do so, Slumbera will be huge for negating the downsides.

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